Whether you are a CAD patient, family member or a care partner, we want to hear from you! Sharing real life experiences is essential to raising awareness about the issues facing those who live with CAD. 

Contributing stories is a way of bringing the

 CADdy Community together and can help each

 member to know he/she is not alone! 

The guidelines below should give you an idea of what to write about in your story. 

Additional Information

 The Basics:

  • 750 words Maximum. 
  • Include one or two photos, if possible. Landscape images work best.
  • Please include your name, full, first only or anonymous. 
  • Also include your social media handles (ex. FB-CADFORG IG-CADFORG Twitter CADFORG) if you have one and would like to be tagged.


Planning your piece:  You won’t be able to cover everything in your journey, so choose a period of your life, or a particular issue that you face, that you would like to write about. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Before I received a diagnosis.
  • Managing my rare condition when there isn’t a cure or managing it with treatment.
  • When I or my loved one first developed symptoms.
  • Using support groups or patient organizations.
  • Being involved in research (clinical trials).
  • The difficulties of explaining my condition to friends/family/medical professionals.
  • What would you say to someone going through a similar experience?   


Other information:

  • We may edit your post, but we will send it back to you for your approval before it is published.
  • All language must be sensitive to the experiences of our readership.
  • We reserve the right to remove any text that is promoting or advertising commercial companies.
  • We may share the link to your story on social media, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and will encourage our supporters to do the same. 
  • By telling us your story for publication on Cold Agglutinin Disease Foundation Inc. (CADF) Website and social media sources, you are confirming that the sources are credited as necessary. You are also granting CADF rights to the copy. We may reproduce your story, or quotes from your story, in other materials.


Cold Agglutinin Disease Foundation Inc. would like to acknowledge that this document draws on the guidelines written by Rare Disease UK & Global

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