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Our History

Our History

The Cold Agglutinin Disease Foundation (CADF) is a 501c(3) non-profit corporation dedicated to

the advancement of knowledge about Cold Agglutinin Disease (CAD) for patients, caregivers

and the medical profession. We are committed to creating a healthier life for the greater CAD community 

by filling in the informational gaps that exist both for those diagnosed and for our health care providers;

i.e., primary care physicians, hematologists, nurses, and lab technicians.


Our History

Our History

Our History

In 2007, there was a shortage of information regarding Cold Agglutinin Disease and a significant need to educate and support patients with this rare blood disorder. The founder, a CAD patient herself, with the aid of two others she had met through National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD), formed the website coldagglutinindisease.org. The goal was to serve as a hub of information, support and encouragement for patients and caregivers globally.

The facebook.com group, CADdy CHATTER, an outgrowth of the website, was created in 2009. It now has a worldwide membership of nearly 1000 very caring CAD patients and caregivers who are able to directly communicate with each other regarding all aspects of CAD.

Cold Agglutinin Disease Foundation Inc, CADF was created in 2019 as a non-profit, (501)(c)(3) corporation. It is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge about Cold Agglutinin Disease for the medical profession, patients and caregivers.


Our Mission

Our History

Our Mission

 CADF’s purpose is to foster and increase public awareness and education regarding the diagnosis, management and treatment of this rare disease, which in turn will enhance the quality of life of those affected by it by providing a  continuously improving system of education, information and opportunities for those diagnosed or treating patients with CAD. 

 CADF does engage in all permissible fundraising activities and solicitation of grants and donations to meet the goals of the foundation 


CADdy Chatter on Facebook.com, is our closed group exclusively for CAD Patients and Family, where you can directly interact with 900+ other "CADdy's" from around the world.  




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What is cad?

Cold Agglutinin Disease is a rare type of autoimmune hemolytic anemia in which the body's immune system mistakenly attacks 

and destroys its own red blood cells. The hemolysis produces anemia and other associated signs and symptoms such as

 extreme fatigue, muscle weakness, trouble breathing, 

dizziness, rapid heartbeat and pulse, bluish skin and pain, particularly in areas exposed to the cold. 

CAD patients are more susceptible to blood clots, strokes, and

 heart issues than the average person. CAD affects both the liver and kidneys, which are having to filter the dead cells. The 

average age of onset is 58, though there are cases of 

much younger and older people.

Primary CAD is a clonal low-grade Lymphoproliferative Disorder (LPD), a B-cell lymphoma of the bone marrow distinct from lymphoplasmacytic lymphoma. Secondary CAD can be caused by an infectious disease, virus, lymphoproliferative disease or connective tissue disorder.

Acquiring a CAD diagnosis is difficult because the disease is very rare and unknown or poorly understood by many physicians.  

The Cold Agglutinin Disease Foundation (CADF) has obtained  the invaluable endorsement of two distinguished physicians who specifically support and encourage our establishing this dedicated non-profit foundation for advancing education and  

research about CAD.

 Sigbjørn  Berentsen, MD, PhD
Hematologist and Researcher
Dept. of Research and Innovation
Haugesund Hospital, Norway 

Richard R. Furman, MD
Weill Cornell Medicine
New York Presbyterian Hospital

Both are notable and recognized in the field of CAD 

treatment and research. 

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